Saturday, August 8, 2009

Greyhound Station

I saw the Greyhound station the other day and for a second thought it might be romantic to take the bus somewhere. For a second.

Pancake Puppies at Denny's in Woodland

I shared a plate of Pancake Puppies at Denny's in Woodland with my brother-in-law. If someone gave me syrup, ketchup, pancake puppies, and hush puppies and said go to town, I think I would take the safe route of eating the pancake and hush puppies with syrup and avoiding ketchup. That doesn't mean that I don't prefer my hush puppies with ketchup, I am just not a gambler when it comes to pancakes and ketchup.

Sunset on the Kanawah

Dunbar Bridge
Look West
A Kiss of Pink
On Muddy Water
A Glow
The Cool Summer Evening
West Virginia Magic

The Old Spaghetti Factory Sacramento, California

I twist my pasta in anticipation. Always a window seat for me. The avid railfan I am. Constructed in the old Western Pacific depot, Sacramento's Old Spaghetti Factory speaks of the bygone era of the zephyr. To some, that era may be gone, but to me, the train is alive. Merchandise rolls by the window. Busy on its way from the Ports of Oakland and Stockton, up the Feather River Route. Ah, to dine on a salad and spaghetti. To be a railfan in Sacramento. This is the place for me.