Sunday, August 21, 2016

Carolina Takes the Train

Carolina takes the train, wherever it goes
To baseball games, to see people it knows
Carolina says all aboard, on trips near and far
And it takes the train, instead of the car
Carolina takes the train, from here to there
And travels in more comfort, than if it went by air
Carolina takes the train, and says choo choo
Carolina takes the train, and you should too

America Takes the Train

America takes the train
Wherever it goes
To baseball games
To see people it knows
America says all aboard
On trips near and far
And it takes the train
Instead of the car
America takes the train
From here to there
And travels in more comfort
Than if it went by air
America takes the train
And says choo choo
America takes the train
And you should too

Friday, August 19, 2016

Joseph Boardman and Wick Moorman-Two Men Who Hold The Passenger Train Sacred

America’s passenger train truly brings a magical journey for us all.  The passenger train is not just a way to get from place to place, it is a journey.  Many of us cherish the passenger train.
For the last eight years, I have been grateful to see Amtrak under the stewardship of Joseph Boardman.
Today, I am equally grateful to see that leadership pass into the hands of Wick Moorman.  In both Joseph Boardman and Wick Moorman, I hold a trust in men who hold the passenger train sacred.  They themselves understand the importance of connecting America’s communities by rail.  That so many beautiful vistas can only be seen by train.  As well, that rail is the most economical and efficient way for many of us to travel.
In seeing the guidance of Amtrak handed to Wick Moorman, I know that Amtrak’s service will continue to thrive.  I have confidence that for years to come we will all be able to witness America’s sacred beauty by rail.
Wick Moorman truly brings the promise that future generations will enjoy the magic of the passenger train.  In the handing of Amtrak from Joseph Boardman to Wick Moorman, I truly see Amtrak going from strength to strength.