Thursday, September 1, 2016

America Truly Has a Love For Amtrak

America is united by a love of Amtrak.  Whether it is our first train ride, or we have ridden for generations, we all have a deep love for the passenger train.
I myself like to draw trains when I ride Amtrak.  I like to watch the cities, towns and beautiful scenery go by.  I like to stop for caramel corn at Union Station.
I like to visit with those who have ridden the trains all of their life.  Every town has a story of its own.  People disembark.  To visit family and friends.  To head home.
All the same, people board the train.  Their journey just beginning.  It is time to see America.  The conductor asks where they are heading.  He places their ticket marked Denver or Chicago above their seat.  They are now a fellow passenger on this journey.
We are now exploring America together on Amtrak.  We are fellow travelers on this journey.  A journey aboard a train.  It is the train that unites us.  America truly has a deep love for the train.  Amtrak truly is in all of our hearts.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Carolina Takes the Train

Carolina takes the train, wherever it goes
To baseball games, to see people it knows
Carolina says all aboard, on trips near and far
And it takes the train, instead of the car
Carolina takes the train, from here to there
And travels in more comfort, than if it went by air
Carolina takes the train, and says choo choo
Carolina takes the train, and you should too

America Takes the Train

America takes the train
Wherever it goes
To baseball games
To see people it knows
America says all aboard
On trips near and far
And it takes the train
Instead of the car
America takes the train
From here to there
And travels in more comfort
Than if it went by air
America takes the train
And says choo choo
America takes the train
And you should too

Friday, August 19, 2016

Joseph Boardman and Wick Moorman-Two Men Who Hold The Passenger Train Sacred

America’s passenger train truly brings a magical journey for us all.  The passenger train is not just a way to get from place to place, it is a journey.  Many of us cherish the passenger train.
For the last eight years, I have been grateful to see Amtrak under the stewardship of Joseph Boardman.
Today, I am equally grateful to see that leadership pass into the hands of Wick Moorman.  In both Joseph Boardman and Wick Moorman, I hold a trust in men who hold the passenger train sacred.  They themselves understand the importance of connecting America’s communities by rail.  That so many beautiful vistas can only be seen by train.  As well, that rail is the most economical and efficient way for many of us to travel.
In seeing the guidance of Amtrak handed to Wick Moorman, I know that Amtrak’s service will continue to thrive.  I have confidence that for years to come we will all be able to witness America’s sacred beauty by rail.
Wick Moorman truly brings the promise that future generations will enjoy the magic of the passenger train.  In the handing of Amtrak from Joseph Boardman to Wick Moorman, I truly see Amtrak going from strength to strength.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Thank You Congress For the 45G Tax Credit for Short Line Railroads

For almost two centuries, railroads have been the most fuel efficient way to move freight and passengers over land.  This being said, it is critical that railroads are able to fully capitalize on their potential.
Throughout America, carload after carload of freight is generated by our short line industry.  It is critical that each and every one of these carloads enter into our rail network and arrive safely at its destination in a timely manner.
I would like to thank the men and women of our short line industry for seeing to it that our system of short lines is well maintained and efficiently run.  I would also like to thank Linda Bauer Darr and the men and women of the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association for providing the short line industry with the tools it needs.
Thank you, as well, to the men and women of Congress for working together to give the short line industry the much needed 45G tax credit.
The 45G tax credit is about getting the job done.  As railroading has so much cost below the rail, this tax credit truly works.  I am grateful so many have come together for so many years to keep the 45G tax credit in place to ensure carload after carload of freight enters our railroad system to keep it working.
Thank you so much to Senators Mike Crapo and Ron Wyden and Representatives Lynn Jenkins and Earl Blumenauer for working together to support the short line industry in creating the permanent Building Rail Access for Customers and the Economy Act.  The railroad industry is truly grateful for your work.  Thank you.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Seeing My First Missouri Pacific Engine in Sacramento, California.

When I was growing up, my hometown of Davis, California was home rails to Southern Pacific.  Although I credit seeing Southern Pacific's daily trains to much of my appreciation for railroading, I often liked to venture to Sacramento to see the trains of rival Union Pacific.
The early 1980's were a sea of Union Pacific SD40-2s with the occasional C30-7.  SD60's and Dash-8's were just beginning to arrive.
One day, as a double-stack train raced through Del Paso Heights, to my excitement I saw a recently acquired Missouri Pacific SD40-2.  I watched as the blue locomotive headed east under the I-80 overpass and out of sight.  That was the first I saw of Missouri Pacific as a California railroad enthusiast. 

Thank You Galesburg for Expanding Your Amtrak Station

Many of us have visited Galesburg, Illinois, situated on the historic Santa Fe and Chicago Burlington and Quincy.  Through the years, we have attended Galesburg Railroad Days and watched the trains of Santa Fe, Burlington Northern, BNSF and Amtrak as they make their transcontinental trek.
Many of us, myself included, have boarded the Amtrak Southwest Chief and California Zephyr from Galesburg’s venerable depot.  At that, I would like to take a moment to say, “Thank you,” to the City of Galesburg for making a much needed expansion to their town’s Amtrak station.
We all enjoy riding Amtrak, and with much needed improvements to stations, cities such as Galesburg ensure that our Amtrak experience is truly second to none.  Thank you Galesburg.
Amtrak was designed to serve the communities of America.  Each community working together with Amtrak makes a teamwork of service to Amtrak’s riders.  With Galesburg’s improved station, that teamwork is truly winning.
Galesburg’s expanded station was financed in part by funds set aside for Amtrak in Illinois Jobs Now! and by funds for Rural Transportation Assistance in a Federal Transportation Administration 5311 Grant.  With projects such as the Galesburg Depot expansion, we truly can look forward to a greater Amtrak of today and tomorrow.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Drawing of the Day-May 21, 2016 Arkansas and Missouri RS1 #20

Today I drew Arkansas and Missouri Railroad RS1 #20. This RS1 has pulled Arkansas and Missouri's excursion trains from Van Buren. Arkansas and Missouri is a member of American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Drawing of the Day-May 15, 2016 Amtrak R4c Demonstrator #X995

My drawing of the day on May 15 was the Amtrak R4c demonstrator #X995.  R4c Demonstrator #X995 led to the development of the venerable AEM-7 locomotive which has served the Northeast Corridor for decades.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Drawing of the Day- April 28th, 2016 Amtrak B32-8WH #515

I just finished drawing #Amtrak B32-8WH #515. Locomotive #515 is a fan favorite as it is used in Auto Train Service between Lorton, Virginia and Sanford, Florida.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Thank You Amtrak, I Saw America So Grand

I saw America
From Amtrak today
Breathtaking beauty
Along the way
Sunshine's splendor
The morning glistening
To the Zephyr's song
Each moment listening
From my window's view
Mountains touched the sky
A welcoming wave
From the passerby
Across sparkling deserts
And rivers wide
Fishermen standing
At their side
With each salute
Across the land
Thank you Amtrak
I saw America so grand

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Drawing of the Day- Grand Canyon Railway F40PH #237

Today I drew Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel F40PH #237. The Grand Canyon Railway connects to the Amtrak Southwest Chief at Williams, Arizona and takes passengers to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Drawing of the Day March 26, 2016-Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway SD50 426

Today I drew Reading and Northern's Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway SD50 #426. Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway operates on the tracks of both the former Jersey Central and Lehigh Valley. Reading and Northern is a member of American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Drawing of the Day-March 19th 2016 Copper Basin Railway GP18 #202

I just drew Copper Basin Railway GP18 #202. The American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association Jake With Distinction Safety award is based on the Jake award started by and named for Copper Basin Railway President LS "Jake" Jacobson in 1994.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Drawing of the Day-March 15, 2016 Akron and Barberton Cluster SW1500 #1501

Today I drew Akron and Barberton Cluster SW1500 #1501.  Akron and Barberton Cluster is owned by Wheeling & Lake Erie and operates over the track of the former Akron and Barberton Belt Railway.

Friday, March 11, 2016

My New Book- "The ABC's of America's Short Line and Regional Railroads"

Today I read aloud from my new book, "The ABC's of America's Short Line and Regional Railroads."  It discusses how America's short line and regional railroads provide first mile/last mile service to deliver the freight we need everyday.  It also discusses how Class 1 railroads work together with short line and regional railroads in our railroad system.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Drawing of the Day-March 9, 2016 Coos Bay Rail Link SW1200 #1203

I just drew Coos Bay Rail Link SW1200 #1203. Coos Bay Rail Link connects the lumber mills of Western Oregon to a connection at Union Pacific at Eugene. Coos Bay Rail Link is a member of American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Drawing of the Day-March 7, 2016 Chicago South Shore & South Bend GP38-2 #2001

I just drew Chicago South Shore & South Bend GP38-2 #2001. Chicago South Shore & South Bend interchanges with the Class 1 Railroads throughout Chicago and Northern Indiana and provides transload services and industrial switching. Chicago South Shore & South Bend is a member of American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Drawing of the Day March 6, 2016-Huron & Eastern GP9 #101

I just drew Huron & Eastern GP9 #101. Huron and Eastern is a short line that serves Saginaw, Bay City and Eastern Michigan.

Drawing of the Day-March 5, 2016 SMS Lines S12 #300

Yesterday I drew SMS Lines S12 #300. SMS Lines provides transloading service in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and is a member of American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Drawing of the Day-March 2, 2016 Juniata Valley SW9 #2106

Today I drew Juniata Valley SW9 #2106. Juniata Valley connects Lewistown, Derry Township and Burnham, PA, is part of the North Shore family of railroads and is a member of the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Drawing of the Day-March 1st 2016 Quebec North Shore and Labrador SD70ACe #519

I just drew Quebec North Shore and Labrador SD70ACe. Quebec North Shore and Labrador hauls iron ore from Quebec and Labrador to St. Lawrence River

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Drawing of the Day-February 28, 2016 Santa Fe FP45 #98 from Orange Empire Railway Museum

I just drew Santa Fe FP45 #98 that is restored at the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, CA. Santa Fe FP45 #98 is part of the Orange Empire Museum's "Run One" Program where you can get the chance to become a train engineer.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Drawing of the Day-February 27, 2016 Maryland and Delaware RS3M #1202

I just drew Maryland and Delaware Railroad RS3M #1202. Maryland & Delaware connects Townsend to Centreville, Seaford to Cambridge and Frankford to Snow Hill and is a member of the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Drawing of the Day-Februray 26, 2016 Buffalo & Pittsburgh SD40-3 #3342

Today I drew Buffalo and Pittsburgh SD40-3 #3342.  Buffalo and Pittsburgh is part of the Genesee & Wyoming family of short lines and connects, Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Erie.  Buffalo & Pittsburgh and Genesee & Wyoming are members of the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Why We Need Trains 5-Amtrak Southwest Chief and the Journey to Philmont Scout Ranch

Amtrak's historic depot at Raton, NM was built by the Santa Fe Railroad.  Raton is served by Amtrak's Southwest Chief, successor to the Santa Fe Super Chief.  Amtrak travels on the rails of Santa Fe successor BNSF.
Troops of Boy Scouts ride Amtrak from across America to Raton where they disembark to head to Philmont Scout Ranch.  At Philmont Scout Ranch, Boy Scouts from across America are able to network, make new friends, and learn about our vast country as they are challenged by the camp's rugged terrain.
The journey to Philmont aboard Amtrak has become a tradition passed down by generations.  Troop leaders, themselves once scouts, once again make this trek aboard the Southwest Chief.  This journey aboard Amtrak affords those eager to learn a chance to see the vast landscapes America has to offer.  Communities along the way show that America truly is a land where we are all neighbors to each other.  This is why we need trains.

Growing Up Around Southern Pacific in Davis, California

I grew up along the Southern Pacific in Davis.  Many days as we drove to down along Second street, a Southern Pacific train would be heading through town.
I often saw their Hydra-Cushion box cars parked in our wide spot along the tracks.  Cars destined for the West Valley line that headed north at our venerable station would get picked up by the local.
As the trains passed by, I would wave to the engineers and conductors.  As the trains rolled onward, towards the Sierra or Oakland, I began to realize that railroads truly connected America.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Trains of Mississippi Poster by Andy Fletcher

It was great to see the #Amtrak inspection #train rolling through #Mississippi! Here is my new “Trains of Mississippi Poster. #MississippiMonday
My Trains of Mississippi poster is now available on eBay

Drawing of the Day-February 22, 2016 Amtrak CF7 #575

Today I drew Amtrak CF7 #575.  Amtrak CF7s were assigned to work train service, maintaining our railroad infrastructure.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Tribute To Great Railroaders 2-Russell Tedder-Former Chairman of ASLRRA

The other day, I drew Ashley Drew & Northern GP28 Number 1812.  This drawing is a gift for former American Short Line and Regional Railroad Chairman Russell Tedder.
Russell Tedder was kind enough to share with me his life’s history with the Ashley Drew & Northern.

Here is Russell’s story with Ashley Drew & Northern as told to me by Mr. Tedder himself.

 “I had my hand on the throttle ( figuratively) of the AD&N for 20 years. When I arrived in '76 we had one SW1500, three SWs of different models at 1200 HP and one SW900. The 1500 and one 1200 were the consist of the daily local from Crossett to Monticello and return, 41 miles. Soon GP announced expansion that doubled carloads of paper products. After toying with swapping two 1200s for two Alco C420s, better judgment prevailed in the form of two Paducah GP10s. By 1978 tonnage had increased and the two GP10s or one GP10 and SW1500 handled the local. Later I arranged for two GP28s, one for AD&N and one for Fordyce & Princeton, still later about 1986 two more GP28s replaced the 1200s, also two CF7s, It was a Noah's Ark roster, two of each kind.
After the Rock Island went down in 1980 nearly all traffic went to MP at Monticello with trains of 80 to 95 cars each way, on roller coaster grades, handled by a pair of GP28s. At this time the AD&N hauled 70 boxcar loads of paper, plywood and lumber per day, more cars than unloaded in the entire state of Arkansas. The GP28s and CF7s were all wonderful shortline engines. Like the proverbial bunny powered rabbit, they just keep "goin' and goin'." Sadly, by 1996 changing events made the AD&N obsolete in favor of the level Arkansas Louisiana & Mississippi between Crossett and Monroe, LA, which inherited the fleet.”
Thank you, Russell Tedder, for sharing your story with the Ashley Drew & Northern.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Tribute to Great Railroaders 1-Conley Wright

Earlier this year, I decided to give away a number of my original drawings.  I feel that many of the best recipients of my drawings are the railroaders whom I respect.  One of the railroaders who I was lucky to meet is Conley Wright.  I gave Conley a Chicago, Burlington & Quincy SD9, as it is a railroad he fondly remembers.
It was truly an honor to meet Conley back in 2009 when I had just begun drawing trains after almost 10 years of not being able to draw. Bill Crisp and Conley both believed in me and loved my drawings. It definitely gave me the desire to do the 1,000s of hours of practice to get back my skills. I am often asked by many art critics where my work hangs, and I am always honored to tell them that my drawings hang in the offices and homes of railroaders and on some of the engines that pull their trains. Thank you Conley, for being there for me!!! You were the push that made me start drawing Norfolk Southern locomotives again and some of the first were a part of a dream I had that there be NS heritage engines. THANK YOU!!!!
The first time I met Conley was at a train show in Decatur, Illinois.  Conley mentioned to me that the railroaders of Norfolk Southern St. Louis Terminal were forming a Facebook page and that they all enjoyed my work.  He asked if I would join their Facebook group.  This gave me the confidence that there were fans who enjoyed my work.
The next thing I knew, I heard from people who had had my train magnets on their refrigerators for twenty years.  People had learned to read with my ABC’s of America’s railroads were now grown up and worked for the railroad.  It was truly exciting to become a railroad artist again.  I don’t think I would have discovered this without Conley Wright reminding me that there truly were so many people out there who knew and remembered my work.  Thank you so much, Conley.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Drawing of the Day February 19, 2016- Ashley, Drew and Northern GP28 #1812

Today I drew Ashley Drew and Northern GP28 #1812.  Ashley Drew and Northern was a short line in Arkansas that hauled lumber and was owned by Georgia Pacific.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Drawing of the Day-February 18, 2016-Amtrak Maintenance of Way GP7 #771

Today I drew an Amtrak maintenance of way GP7.  This locomotive shows the importance of America's railroad infrastructure.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Stop in Proctor, Minnesota to See Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range

On my first journey to Chicago to see trains in 1991, I headed east from Essex, Montana to Proctor, Minnesota, where I saw Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range.  Having watched mostly lumber trains, intermodal trains and grain trains, it was exciting to see a railroad that's chief source of traffic was taconite ore.
I had always been fascinated by Duluth Missabe and Iron Range's arrowhead logo and its Mineral Red and Yellow paint scheme.  It was exciting to stand in Minnesota and finally see this great railroad.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Drawing of the Day-February 15, 2016 Indiana Rail Road SD40-2 #4004

Today I drew Indiana Rail Road SD40-2 #4004.  Indiana Rail Road is an American Short Line and Regional Railroad member that connects with CSX, Norfolk Southern, Union Pacific, BNSF, Canadian National and Canadian Pacific.  Indiana Rail Road operates all-rail intermodal service in conjunction with Canadian National between the West Coast Ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert and Indianapolis.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Seattle-One of My Favorite Places to Watch Trains

Seattle was a stopover on my trips to Essex, Montana.  As I watched the Burlington Northern trains headed east, I thought of them about to make their conquest of the Cascades and then the Rockies.  My visits to Seattle were filled with anticipation.
The Waterfront Trolley ran along the pier alongside Burlington Northern's trains.  As the Empire Builder passed by, I thought of the passengers, about to make their cross-country trek.  Perhaps some were headed to Essex or Whitefish or East Glacier.
Seattle became one of my favorite places to watch trains.  It still is to this day.  

Drawing of the Day-February 14, 2016-Tacoma Rail SD70ACe-P4

I just drew an SD70ACe-P4 for Tacoma Rail. Tacoma Rail is an American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association member that is part of Tacoma Public Utilities & serves the Port of Tacoma.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Drawing of the Day-February 13, 2016-Family Lines System (SCL) SD40-2 8089

Today I drew Family Lines System (SCL) SD40-2 #8089.  The Family Lines was composed of five railroads- Seaboard Coast Line, Louisville & Nashville, Clinchfield, Georgia Group and Atlanta & West Point.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thank You Mom For Believing in Me

My mom saw my love of trains and decided to travel this road as she knew it was a great dream to follow. Here we are at Graceland on our journey to Roanoke, VA and the Virginia Museum of Transportation in February 2011. ‪#‎WomenInStem‬

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Drawing of the Day-February 10, 2016-Union Pacific SW9 1860

I just drew Union Pacific SW9 #1860.  Switch engines such as locomotive 1860 build trains at classification yards to keep freight moving smoothly across our railroad system.

Why We Need Trains 4-Railroads, A Marvel of Modern Invention

Throughout its history, the railroad industry has been on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. From railroading's beginnings, the invention of the flanged wheel and the locomotive made the efficient movement of freight and passengers possible.
These inventions led to the industrial development of the world we lived in.  They led to the development of our country.  Communities grew and cities blossomed along the path of the railroad.
Railroading led to the development of time zones.  Railroads spanned the continent.  Localized time conflicted with transportation in a world that was on the move.
Today, we see railroads innovating software and data systems for its new locomotives.  Improved signaling and control systems move our trains more safely in an era when it is necessary to move more and more freight more efficiently by rail for the sake of the environment we live in.
Yet we see in railroads the simplicity of its technology, the genius of its original invention, the flanged wheel and the locomotive, devices that allows thousands of tons of freight to negotiate our mountain passes safely and effectively.  Genius is the railroad, an invention that stands so effectively and elegantly through time.  This is why we need trains. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Drawing of the Day February 9, 2016-Norfolk Southern SD70ACU 7319

I just drew newly rebuilt Norfolk Southern Corp SD70ACU 7319. SD70ACU 7319 was rebuilt from former Union Pacific SD9043AC 8247 at the Altoona Works.

An Atlantic Coast Line Freight at "The Folkston Funnel"

An Atlantic Coast Line freight makes its way through Folkston, Georgia.  At the head end is an F7 and an FP7.  This freight consists of empty refrigerator cars bound for the orange groves of Florida.
Folkston, Georgia has historically been one of America's busiest railroad intersections.  Its celebrated crossroads is known by all as "The Folkston Funnel." 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Durand, Michigan, a Key Railroad Town

Durand, Michigan has historically been a key railroad town.  It serves as a center of the flow of traffic throughout the Great Lakes Region and onward to the Northeast and the Midwest.
Grand Trunk Western maintained one of its principal yards at Durand.  Grand Trunk Western is part of today's Canadian National.

Indiana Harbor Belt-Connects With All Chicago Railroads

For decades, Indiana Harbor Belt has connected the railroads serving Chicago.  Headquartered at Hammond, Indiana, the trains of Indiana Harbor Belt maintain a flow of freight as it moves across America's rail network.
Throughout its history, the Indiana Harbor Belt has been jointly owned by railroads connecting throughout Chicago.  This neutrality is important, as the Indiana Harbor Belt works as a bridge between all Chicago Railroads through America's busiest railroad hub.
In 1961, Indiana Harbor Belt was owned in part by Chicago and North Western, New York Central and Milwaukee Road.  After decades of mergers, at present day, Indiana Harbor Belt is owned 25.5% by Norfolk Southern, 25.5% by CSX and 49% by Canadian Pacific. source  
Indiana Harbor Belt also plays the important role delivering first and last mile traffic into our freight rail system.  A principal customer for Indiana Harbor Belt is the US Steel plant at Gary, Indiana.
Indiana Harbor Belt truly "Connects With All Chicago Railroads."  It is important that it maintains this role.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Milwaukee Road and Its Pacific Extension-A Fulfilled Prophecy

I have always had a fascination with the Milwaukee Road and its extension to the Pacific Northwest.  Although this westward extension across Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho and Washington never became the robust source of traffic that headquarters had hoped, to me, the extension westward was a fulfilled prophecy of reaching the Pacific.
Many railroads in that day had expansive names of cities and regions of America that they never quite reached.  Very successful railroads such as the St. Louis and San Francisco did not venture past the lower Midwest.  Even the Missouri Pacific and the Chicago Rock Island and Pacific only made it as far as west as Denver.
Thus, I admire the Milwaukee Road for its extension to the Pacific.  In the words of William Clark, "Ocean in view, O the Joy."

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Early Amtrak E-Units Poster by Andy Fletcher

Amtrak began service on May 1, 1971.  Amtrak was born from the passenger services of America’s railroad systems.  As a result, the equipment Amtrak inherited at its conception was the secondhand passenger equipment from America’s railroads.
Today, we can often forget that Amtrak was born from our railroad systems.  Amtrak was created as a solution for America’s passenger rail service, and it is held in high esteem by its riders, its workers and America as a whole.

Drawing of the Day February 6th, 2016-Amtrak/Seaboard Coast Line E8 #249

Here is today's finished drawing of Amtrak E8 #249.  It is a former Seaboard Coast Line E8 from the era of Amtrak's inception.

Applying the Ink to Amtrak/Seaboard Coast Line E8 #249 and compling Early Amtrak Poster

Here I am applying the black ink to today's drawing, Amtrak Seaboard Coast Line E8 #249.  It is important to trim around the areas I fill with ink with a fine-tip pen.
This locomotive is the last of a six locomotive poster celebrating the early E-units of Amtrak.  I have been working on these locomotives for just over a week.  Often, I draw engines in a series that can be compiled to make a themed poster. 

Delaware and Hudson-A Favorite Among Railroad Enthusiasts

Delaware and Hudson is a fan favorite throughout New York, Pennsylvania and the Northeast.  Its classy gray and blue paint scheme is considered by many to be one of the most elegant paint schemes in railroading.
Delaware and Hudson also participated with many of America's railroads in painting elegant Red, White and Blue locomotives for America's Bicentennial.  Delaware and Hudson's "I Love New York" box car was painted as part of a greater campaign to promote tourism first to New York City and then to New York State as a whole.