Friday, July 31, 2015

Conrail-A Railroad That Truly Lives in Our Hearts

Conrail is truly a railroad that lives in our hearts.  Conrail served the mining, manufacturing and industries throughout the  Northeast, Midwest and New England.  Conrail is deeply loved by its employees and fans.
I briefly lived in Altoona, Pennsylvania during the Conrail era.  I remember watching Conrail's "Big Blue" as it rolled by, ready to conquer the Horseshoe Curve.
Conrail truly was a story of triumph.  It was a story of people and management working together to weave a handful of struggling railroads into the success story that it became.  Conrail will always live in our hearts.

Santa Fe All The Way

Santa Fe linked the Midwest gateways of Chicago and Kansas City with the Southwest.  Known for its scenic mainline and its streamlined trains such as the Super Chief, Santa Fe not only connected people and places, but it stood in the hearts of many.

A Brief History of the Amtrak Empire Builder

Great Northern connected the Midwest with the Pacific Northwest.  Great Northern was known as the "Route of the Empire Builder."
Great Northern's flagship passenger train was the Empire Builder.  The Empire Builder took its name from Great Northern founder, James J. Hill, who, with private funds, built the Great Northern and played a key role in the development of the Upper Midwest and the Northwest.
The Great Northern was known for its contribution to Glacier National Park.  Hill saw the park as a key destination for Great Northern passengers.
Amtrak's contemporary Chicago to Seattle route is known as the Empire Builder.  Amtrak's train operates over today's BNSF Railroad.  BNSF is the successor to Burlington Northern, which was created by the merger of Great Northern, Northern Pacific, Chicago Burlington and Quincy and Spokane Portland and Seattle Railroads.

Chicago Great Western-"The Corn Belt Route"

A mile-long Chicago Great Western freight makes its way across the Iowa prairie.  Today's train is under the command of five F-units.
Chicago Great Western became known for its mile long trains and its ability to work with what it had in a Midwest full of competitors.  Chicago Great Western, "The Corn Belt Route," eventually became part of the Chicago and North Western.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

From a Train at Christmas

From the window of a train
Christmas lights shining
Their warm glow
Across the village square
The station decked in holly
Passengers with presents
Greeted by open arms
A train at Christmas
Brings cheer across the land
Brings distant relatives near
A Train at Christmas
Brings one another together
From a train at Christmas
I cannot wait to be home

A Brief History of Amtrak Hiawtha Service

Truly one of the most elegant trains in America, Milwaukee Road's Twin Cities Hiawatha races towards Chicago.  Milwaukee Road was known as the "Route of the Hiawatha" for its famous Hiawatha passenger trains.
Hiawatha Service on today's Amtrak between Chicago and Milwaukee takes its name from these famous Milwaukee Road passenger trains.  Amtrak operates Hiawatha Service over the trackage of today's Canadian Pacific, which acquired Soo Line, the successor of the Milwaukee Road.

Amtrak America

While Riding the Southwest Chief after Amtrak Train Days, the beauty of the journey led me to write the following poem, "Amtrak America."

Amtrak roll, roll into the night
Roll into the morning, roll into the night
Forever I roll, across America
The steel rail glistens, along the way
Roll into the night, roll into the day
Amtrak roll across a land so big
Across the mountains, and across the plains
Across the rivers, wide and mighty
Past picked fences, past city lights
Sunrise in valleys, see all of the sights
See all of America, rolling down the track
From your Amtrak window, as you sail clickity-clack
The engineer waves, the crossing gate dings
Across our land, Amtrak sings
Breakfast hits griddle, passengers arise
As Amtrak whistles onward
Here I am, here we are
Amtrak America

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Riding the California Zephyr

Some of my first train rides were aboard the California Zephyr at William Land Park in Sacramento.  Here I am with my brother, sister and dad on a Saturday morning in 1979.
Below, I am in the lounge car of the Amtrak California Zephyr as I head to Amtrak Train Days.  Thirty-five years later, I am the same person, always eager to hear the whistle blow and to see the scenery pass by as I ride a train.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Spokane, Portland and Seattle- "The Northwest's Own Railway"

Spokane, Portland and Seattle was a fan favorite in the Northwest.  It was known as "The Northwest's Own Railway" and was an Alco stronghold.  The SP and S connected Spokane and Portland via the town of Pasco, Washington.
Spokane, Portland and Seattle's trackage was a key part of successor Burlington Northern's system and is an important component of today's BNSF.  Amtrak's Portland to Spokane leg of the Empire Builder operates over BNSF's former Spokane, Portland and Seattle mainline from Portland to Spokane.

The CSX Tropicana Juice Train-The Pinnacle of Refrigerated Transport

The CSX Tropicana Juice Train is one of the most visual symbols of how trains bring goods to market.  Its brightly painted cars and the orange juice that we enjoy at breakfast symbolize the efficiency of America's railroads.
For many years, the CSX Tropicana Juice Train has proven to be the most effective way to get our fresh orange juice that we all enjoy to market across America.  Companies such as General Electric have studied the efficiency of this train as a pinnacle of refrigerated transport.
Breakfast is the meal that gets us moving each day.  As you enjoy your morning OJ, lift your glass and know that your orange juice was transported in the most efficient way possible. 

Freight and Passenger Railroads Compose Our Rail Network

Our freight railroads connect our industries, manufacturing, ports and consumers.  They provide a critical artery for commerce.
Our freight railroads also provide key corridors for Amtrak.  Freight railroads provide critical maintenance to infrastructure for our rail system to operate effectively.
As a Union Pacific intermodal train passes my vantage at the Davis, California Amtrak Station, I prepare for the arrival of the Amtrak California Zephyr.  Our railroads working together truly make America's great rail network possible.

Monday, July 27, 2015

CSX Along The Big Sandy

At Catlettsburg, Kentucky the CSX former Chesapeake and Ohio line hugs the Big Sandy River.  Trains make their way from Huntington to Ashland.  We give a wave to the Amtrak Cardinal.
Across the river at Kenova, West Virginia, the Norfolk Southern Heartland Corridor connects Roanoke, Virginia with Bellevue, Ohio.  We hear a train in the distance on this summer morning.


The Story of Trains at Amtrak Train Days in Galesburg

Nothing unifies railroad enthusiasts like the story of trains. Here I am at Amtrak train days in Galesburg sharing my posters and postcards with fans who attended Amtrak Train Days.
We discussed the history of the railroad that built Galesburg as we watched today's BNSF and Amtrak trains pass by.  It is great to see so many enjoy the railroads that built America.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Watching a BNSF Freight at Denver Reminds Me of the Legacy of the California Zephyr

It is very inspiring when I sit in the Amtrak lounge car and watch America's trains pass by the window as I draw.  Here, as I head west on the California Zephyr, I watch a BNSF intermodal train just outside of Denver Union Station.
As our California Zephyr heads into Denver, we have been traveling over BNSF's former Chicago Burlington and Quincy mainline from Chicago.  Today's Amtrak California Zephyr is rooted in the history of the Chicago Burlington and Quincy which, together with the Rio Grande and Western Pacific railroads, first ran the California Zephyr.  From Denver, we will be traveling west on the tracks of the former Rio Grande, which today are owned by Union Pacific.

Altoona, Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Railroad

In the mid-1990s, I called Altoona, Pennsylvania home as I studied the Pennsylvania Railroad and the railroads of the Northeast. I had read about Altoona in Don Ball, Jr's book about the Pennsylvania railroad and wanted to experience firsthand this key city that had been home to the Juniata Shops of the Pennsylvania Railroad.
I lived in Altoona during the era of Conrail.  Very quickly I became familiarized with the surrounding communities such as Hollidaysburg which housed the car shops which were still vital to Conrail.  I saw firsthand what a feat it was to cross the Alleghany Mountains at the famous Horseshoe Curve.
I saw in Altoona's architecture and industry the history of the Pennsylvania Railroad.  Altoona's great rail access makes it home to many well-loved small and mid-sized companies such Boyer Candies and Benzel's Pretzels.

Santa Fe's Chicago to California Connection

Santa Fe connected the Midwest with the Southwest and California.  It was known for its excellent service, its quality trains and its well-maintained right-of-way.
Santa Fe provided a key link between the agriculture of California and markets in Chicago. Its true, straight mainline provided a direct connect between Los Angeles and California's Central Valley to Kansas City and Chicago. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Getting to Meet Amtrak Make-A-Wish Honorary Engineer Conductor Ethan

I was truly honored to meet Amtrak Make-A-Wish Honorary Engineer Conductor Ethan as he came through Davis on the Westbound California Zephyr on Wednesday.  I am truly thankful to Joeseph Boardman, President and CEO of Amtrak, and to everyone at Amtrak and to those at Make-A-Wish for making wishes such as Ethan's to travel by train come true.  Thank you Tom Jones,​ Tom Magazin​ and to the entire crew of Ethan's train and to DeLora Davis​, who accompanied Ethan's family across America.
Ethan was truly excited to receive the card that so many of us had signed.  I was truly grateful to the railfan community who had united to wish Ethan well on his journey.  Thank you to everyone who signed Ethan's card.
This Make-A-Wish Amtrak journey truly filled Ethan and his family with joy.  As their train made its brief station stop in Davis, we discussed how beautiful America is and what a wonderful journey they were on.  I was truly grateful to see such a wonderful boy get his wish come true.

Western Pacific Holds Fond Memories For Me

As I grew up in the Sacramento Valley, I had a love for the Western Pacific.  The beauty of the Feather River Canyon truly inspired me.
By the time I was old enough to take trips to the Feather River Canyon with my father, Western Pacific had become part of Union Pacific.  I, however, was still fond of seeing traces of Western Pacific's heritage throughout the West.
One of my favorite restaurants since childhood, The Old Spaghetti Factory, is located in the former Western Pacific Depot in Sacramento.  I have spent many spaghetti dinners sitting by the window watching trains heading to and from the Feather River Canyon.
Whenever I see the Feather River Route logo today, I think of my childhood and trips to both the Spaghetti Factory restaurant and the Feather River Canyon.  Western Pacific truly holds fond memories for me.

Southern Railway Caboose 3115 at Spartanburg Amtrak Station and BeaconDrive-In

In 2012 I drew Southern Railway caboose 3115 for a friend of mine, Michael Saverino.  His historical group was restoring this caboose for display by the Amtrak Station in the town of Spartanburg.
Spartanburg is served by today's Norfolk Southern and CSX and Amtrak's Crescent Limited. The town is located at a junction of historic Southern Railway, Clinchfield and Atlantic Coast Line tracks.
I always enjoy drawing cabooses and locomotives that stand as a cornerstone of a community's pride to their connection to the railroad.  Southern caboose 3115 is a proud reminder of the railroads that helped build the Spartanburg of today.  
When you visit Spartanburg, have lunch at the famous Beacon Drive-In.  It is a legendary watering hole for politicians, sports heroes and the like who are crossing the region.  Legend goes that many a stump speech has been made at the Beacon over a burger and sweet tea.  Always order your burger "A-Plenty" to receive a generous helping of fried onions as you rush through the lunch counter.

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Story of America As Seen Aboard Amtrak

It truly was one of my life's great experiences to ride the Amtrak Capitol Limited between Chicago and Washington, DC after Amtrak Train Days in Chicago.  I have always been fascinated with the story of how our railroads built America.  Traveling this stretch of the historic Baltimore and Ohio truly was a treat.
As I relaxed and had a french toast breakfast in the dining car, I watched history roll by my window.  The scenery unfolded in a rich forest of hardwood trees which built the progress of the railroad and the cities and towns along the right of way.
As you see America from a train, your eyes truly experience the story of our country.  You see how the cities and towns connect.  You understand that a lumber mill or factory in the town that you pass sparked the growth of the communities that surround.  You truly see the story of America when you ride upon Amtrak.

A Moment in Cumberland Along the Baltimore And Ohio

I enjoy visiting the historic route of the Baltimore and Ohio.  Many of the cities and towns along the right of way are rich with scenery and history.
Many times, I find myself pausing in Cumberland.  I enjoy watching the freight trains of today's CSX and Amtrak's Capitol Limited as they pass through town.
Cumberland is known as the Queen City.  Cumberland developed as a key junction of the Baltimore and Ohio, where traffic headed for Pittsburgh and Chicago diverged from the line to Cincinnati and St. Louis.

Chicago and North Western-"Route of The 400"

Chicago and North Western served the communities of the Upper Midwest.  The railroad provided a key link between Omaha, Chicago and the Twin Cities.
Chicago and North Western was known as the "Route of 'The 400'."  "The 400" was Chicago and North Western's premier passenger train, connecting the 400 miles between Chicago and the the Twin Cities in 400 minutes.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Amtrak Personnel-Always There For Their Passengers

While waiting for the California Zephyr, A heartwarming scene unfolded as an Amtrak California Capitol Corridor commuter train stopped at the Davis, CA depot.  One of the train's conductors assisted a blind woman and her service dog from the train towards the station.
Whenever I ride Amtrak, I am impressed with the care Amtrak personnel have for their passengers.  Amtrak personnel are always there to go above and beyond the call of duty when needed.  Thank you to all at Amtrak.  Your work is greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Amtrak California Zephyr At Donner Lake

The Sierra Nevada Mountains truly are spectacular.  I enjoy the journey through the Sierras aboard the Amtrak California Zephyr lounge car, as I am able to relax and witness the scenic beauty.  Here our California Zephyr passes by Donner Lake, known throughout northern California for its beauty and for recreational water sports.
All seasons in the Sierra are truly beautiful.  Here our train is traveling in fall.  We witness the change in color in the cottonwood trees, which beautifully accent the evergreen.  Amtrak truly is my favorite way to explore America.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tom, Our Great Amtrak Conductor on the Amtrak California Zephyr

Great conductors and great crew members make a spectacular Amtrak trip even more memorable.  Our conductor, Tom, on the eastbound California Zephyr through Eastern Utah, made a point to describe the scenery along our route.  As the train passed through a small ghost town, Tom pointed to a small gas station and mentioned that a scene from the movie "Thelma and Louise" had been filmed at that location.
I had just been finishing drawing an Amtrak P42DC locomotive and was honored to give it to Tom.  Thanks again for making our trip so memorable.

Metra-Chicago's Commuter Railroad

Part of the thrill of visiting Chicago is seeing the brightly painted Metra Trains. I always enjoy arriving at Union Station and seeing the Metra locomotives hard at work moving Chicago's commuters throughout Chicagoland.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Detroit Toledo and Ironton "We Have The Connections"

Railroads maintained the tradition of using bold logos and catchy slogans as a way of self-promotion.  The Detroit, Toledo and Ironton railroad was no exception.  Its locomotives stood with large initials "DT and I" upon their hoods with the slogan "We Have The Connections," promoting the Detroit Toledo and Ironton's role as a link between the industries of Michigan and Ohio.

Chicago Burlington and Quincy-Way of the Zephyrs

Chicago Burlington and Quincy was known as "The Way of the Zephyrs" for its famous Zephyr trains, the most famous was the California Zephyr which ran from Chicago to San Francisco in partnership with the Rio Grande and Western Pacific.  Amtrak's Chicago to San Francisco California Zephyr gets its name and a significant portion of its route from this famous train.
 The California Zephyr has always been popular for the beautiful scenery along its right-away as it passes through across both the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada.  Chicago Burlington and Quincy proudly advertised its passenger service with its "Way of the Zephyrs" slogan painted on the side of its freight locomotives.

Amtrak and The Class 1 Railroad System

Drawing in the Amtrak lounge car is a great way for me to enjoy my Amtrak journey. As I draw, many passengers ask about the artwork.  I explain the history of our railroad system and how Amtrak travels over tracks that are maintained by our Class 1 railroad system for much of its journey.  Here I am drawing a historic Chicago Burlington and Quincy locomotive, which is part of the BNSF history of railroads as our Amtrak California Zephyr heads through Nebraska over BNSF rails.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The City of New Orleans-America's Love For The Train

The Amtrak of today we all ride is rooted in a rich legacy of America's historic railroads.  When we ride today's trains such as Amtrak's City of New Orleans between Chicago and New Orleans, we see the heritage of the Illinois Central in the the right of way we ride along, in the communities we pass through and many of the stations along the way.
Many of us know of The City of New Orleans from the Steve Goodman song made popular by Arlo Guthrie, Johnny Cash and many others.  Through its songs and literature, America truly does have a love for the train.

Historic Chicago Trainsit Authority L Trains

Through the years, I have drawn several vintage Chicago L Trains.  Many of us recognize Chicago L Trains for the role they have played not only connecting us around Chicago, but for their appearances in many TV shows and movies.  These historic L Trains are on display at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, IL.  

Chicago's Historic L Train-Truly a Chicago Icon

While visiting Chicago for Amtrak Train Days, I got a chance to ride Chicago's historic L Train.  I took the Kimball Line Train around the loop.  I truly got a feel for the downtown Chicago experience while riding the L.
When you visit Chicago, I recommend riding the L Train, if only to take it around the loop.  The views of the Chicago River and the downtown are spectacular.  Riding the L, you get to experience the train that we have all seen in movies and pop TV such as "The Bob Newhart Show."  The L Train is truly a Chicago icon.

The Legacy of Railroading-A System That Moves America

Amtrak was born out of our railroad system.  In today's BNSF, Union Pacific, CSX, Norfolk Southern, Canadian National, Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern, we see the legacy of many historic railroads and their named trains.
Amtrak's Southwest Chief, California Zephyr, City of New Orleans, Capitol Limited, Empire Builder, Silver Star and many others take their name from a legacy of railroading.  Railroads such as the Baltimore and Ohio, Great Northern, Illinois Central, Pennsylvania Railroad, Southern Railway and many others built the rails upon which we travel and their freight railroad successors maintain the right of way in order for us to get the goods we need everyday and to make our Amtrak journey possible.  
Here a BNSF locomotive moves intermodal containers at Hobart Yard built by the Santa Fe railroad in Los Angeles.  Railroading truly is a system that moves America.  As our train passes by, we witness the legacy of railroading.

The Amtrak California Zephyr and Southwest Chief

The lobby of the Grand Junction, Colorado Amtrak Station is colorfully adorned with posters of the many Amtrak trains. Here I am taking the California Zephyr to Amtrak Train Days in Galesburg and thinking about my return trip home on the Amtrak Southwest Chief.  Both trains are spectacular.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Santa Fe Super Chief-One of America's Most Beautiful Trains

The Santa Fe Super Chief is truly one of America's most beautiful trains and is well loved and remembered as the flagship of the Santa Fe.  The Super Chief operated between Chicago and Los Angeles.  Not only was its brightly painted silver and red consist truly beautiful, but the Super Chief operated across some of America's most breathtaking landscapes as it traversed the Southwest.  Today's Amtrak Southwest Chief proudly stands upon the shoulders of this train.

Sketching Logos-A Connection To The Past

I often sketch logos of railroads both past  and present. Logos are a great connection to railroads that we remember from years ago. Sketching logos is also a great way for me to explain my artist's style, composition and many concepts about my drawing.

Dinner Aboard The Amtrak Southwest Chief

I always enjoy mealtime while aboard Amtrak. Here I am sitting down to dinner on the Amtrak Southwest Chief. Amtrak's Dining Car is a great place to relax and get to know your fellow passengers.

Cynthia, Our Great Car Attendant on the Amtrak Southwest Chief

Cynthia, our car attendant on the Amtrak Southwest Chief did a great job making us feel welcome.  She informed us of points of interest along the way and always had fresh coffee brewed. Our car was also decorated Red, White and Blue for the Fourth of July. Great job, Cynthia!

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Amtrak Depot at Lamy, New Mexico

The Amtrak depot at Lamy, NM truly is historic.  As the Amtrak Southwest Chief stopped at this former Santa Fe depot, I felt as if we had stepped back into history.  The baggage cart stood at attention under a beautiful blue New Mexico sky.

Approaching Mission Tower and Union Station on the Amtrak SouthwestChief

Mission Tower stands guarding the entrance to Los Angeles Union Station.  I had seen this tower in pictures, but it was surreal to approach this historic icon as our Amtrak Southwest Chief approached its destination at Union Station.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Giving My Santa Fe GP9 Drawing To Carol at La Junta Amtrak Station

As we approached La Junta on the Amtrak Southwest Chief, our car attendant, Cynthia, told us about an older woman, Carol, who sells jewelry at the La Junta Amtrak station. I was delighted to meet Carol and see her strong will.
Carol reminded me much of my grandma.  My grandma worked as nurse to buy my first pens and support my becoming a railroad artist.  It truly made my day to give this Santa Fe drawing to Carol.

Drawing a Santa Fe GP9 Aboard Amtrak Southwest Chief

As we approached La Junta, Colorado on the Amtrak Southwest Chief, I put the finishing touches on a Santa Fe GP9 freight locomotive drawing. The BNSF tracks we traveled upon were built by the Santa Fe.  The landscape we travel through is rich with the beauty of the Southwest.  

Today's Drawing Amtrak E8 #498 July 16, 2015

Here is today's drawing and a little Throwback Thursday or fans of the Amtrak E8 #498.  She started life as Pennsylvania 5809, then as Conrail OCS #4020 and today it's Juniata Terminal #5809. So I guess I need to draw the Conrail OCS #4020 soon.

Drawing a Baltimore and Ohio GP9 Aboard Amtrak Capitol Limited

It truly was a great thrill to ride the Amtrak Capitol Limited across CSX's historic Baltimore and Ohio tracks. Drawing a Baltimore and Ohio GP9 locomotive in the lounge car as the train passed through Cumberland, Maryland was the highlight of my trip. 
 For years I have watched CSX and Amtrak trains roll through this key community.  Seeing Cumberland with its historic structures from this vantage is truly an experience I will always remember.

The Joy of Being a Railroad Artist

I always enjoy meeting with the public at Amtrak Train Days.  Here I share stories with those who attended Amtrak Train Days in Galesburg.  We talk about riding Amtrak and about our love of railroading.
I have always enjoyed that my artwork allows me to begin great conversations with rail enthusiasts of all ages.  We all love seeing Amtrak's proudly painted Veterans and Heritage locomotives.  Some remember taking the Santa Fe Super Chief many years ago.  Railfans love seeing the trains as they pass by headed across America.
With each new drawing I do, I find another story I am able to share.  That is the greatest gift of all for being a railroad artist.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Amtrak Journey Across America

As I ride Amtrak, there are many moments when I just enjoy taking a moment to watch America go by. I enjoy seeing America's towns and cities, returning a wave as we pass.
My mind can barely grasp the stark changes America's landscape presents from sea to shining sea as the train crosses our mountains, plains, deserts and rivers in this land we all call home.

My Hometown Amtrak Station Davis, CA

My local Amtrak Station in Davis, CA was completed by Southern Pacific in 1913, the same year Grand Central Terminal was completed in New York. I have boarded the Amtrak Coast Starlight and California Zephyr as well as Amtrak California Capitol Corridor trains many times at my hometown station.
In this picture, I am about to board the Amtrak California Zephyr for Amtrak Train Days in Galesburg, IL.  It truly is a great tribute to our uniformed military personnel that Amtrak welcomes them to the head of the ticket line, as stated in the poster above my shoulder.

Sketching the Amtrak Logo at Galesburg Amtrak Train Days

Here I am sketching the Pointless Arrow Amtrak logo at Amtrak Train Days in Galesburg.  Sketching these logos is a great conversation starter which allows me to discuss composition, detail, practice and many finer points of my artwork. I am always thankful if I inspire artists who want to draw trains.

Atlantic Coast Line- Route of "The Champion"

Atlantic Coast Line linked the Eastern Seaboard with the Southeast.  It was known for its colorful purple and silver livery and its premier train "The Champion" which operated from New York to Miami in conjunction with Florida East East Coast.

BNSF ES44C4 at Amtrak Train Days in Galesburg-Reminder of GE Manufacturing Solutions Tour

Here I am in the cab of a BNSF ES44C4 at Amtrak Train Days at Galesburg Railroad Days in Galesburg on June 27 and 28.  What made sitting in this cab so exciting was that I had just seen many of its sister units being built from the ground up at the GE Manufacturing Solutions Facility in Fort Worth Texas last October.  Sitting in the cab truly made that visit come full circle to me.  How exciting.

Andrew Fletcher at Amtrak Train Days in Galesburg

I had a great time at Amtrak Train Days in Galesburg meeting the public and handing out posters and postcards of Amtrak and freight railroad locomotives.  It is always fun to do drawing demonstrations of logos and locomotives so I can explain the basics of how I draw trains.