Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lost Hills, CA-Day 1 Across America

Lost Hills, CA was as far as we got the first day out headed towards Roanoke and my new life as Artist in Residence at the Virginia Museum of Transportation.  Mom and I had waited for the mail, and, by the time we got out of town, we were pretty well tired.  Several days of figuring out how to get several thousand of my train drawings and the rest of our few worldly belongings into the Honda Civic left us with little energy as we headed south past the almond and orange orchards along I-5.  We fought trucks all afternoon and stopped at Pea Soup Anderson's and prepared for the quest across America.

Rough Lettering of a Santa Fe GP60B Part 2

Part 2 of this Santa Fe GP60B video shows the application of the Santa Fe Silver paint and then the trimming and painting of the Red paint to make the finished Santa Fe Lettering.  Completed lettering is truly an important step for finished drawings.

Rough Lettering of a Santa Fe GP60B

I am going to begin doing instructions of drawings. Lettering is one of the most important parts of your finished drawing, as it is what the eye catches first. Here is the Rough Lettering of a a Santa Fe GP60B.

The Roanoke Star

High Clouds cover the Roanoke Star this morning. Here is to a sunny afternoon

Monday, March 28, 2011

Roanoke and the Norfolk & Western

Roanoke shares a long history with the Norfolk & Western. The star city, Roanoke is. The headquarters of the Norfolk & Western, it was. A rail-hub centrally located that connects Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest. Trains roll through Roanoke today much as they have for years. Roanoke is a town built by the Norfolk & Western, truly a railroad town.

Overlooking the Mainline

I have always dreamed of overlooking the mainline. To me, an office that overlooks the tracks is an ocean view. A mainline such as Norfolk Southern's four track through Roanoke, carrying double stacks on the Heartland Corridor and coal from the Appalachians roll by my window. This is the perfect place for me to draw trains, the perfect place for me.

Artist in Residence at the Virginia Museum of Transportation

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I was named Artist in Residence at the Virginia Museum of Transportation. I would like to thank the VMT and all of my friends and supporters who have been there along the way.