Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A Big Thank You to Everyone at Aberdeen Carolina and Western

A Big Thank You to everyone at Aberdeen, Carolina and Western for providing first mile/last mile freight service to the communities of North Carolina.  Aberdeen, Carolina and Western is an ASLRRA member railroad.

To see my Aberdeen, Carolina and Western artwork, visit my website, customtrains.org

A Big Thank You to the Railroads of American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association

A Big Thank you to the railroads of American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association for providing first mile/last mile rail service.  The railroads of ASLRRA truly help build strong communities as they strengthen our railroad system. #WhyWeNeedTrains

To see my artwork of ASLRRA railroads, see my website, customtrains.org

An Illinois Terminal Train heads from Springfield to St. Louis

This Illinois Terminal train heads from Springfield to St. Louis.  It carries grain  bound for interchange with the Illinois Central for shipment to the Port of New Orleans.

To see my Illinois Terminal artwork, visit my website http://www.customtrains.org/illinois-terminal.html

A BNSF Intermodal Train Heads From Los Angeles To Chicago on the Transcon

This BNSF Railway #Intermodal train heads from Los Angeles to Chicago across the Transcon.  BNSF works closely with JB Hunt, Schneider Transportation, Swift Transport and many intermodal companies to move the freight we need everyday. #WhyWeNeedTrains

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Monday, July 30, 2018

A Southern Pacific Train Heads From Oakland to Chicago

This Southern Pacific train heads from Oakland to Chicago.  It carries carloads of furniture bound for the Rio Grande at Denver and the Soo Line at Chicago and carloads of fuel from Chevron. #WhyWeNeedTrains

To see my Southern Pacific artwork, visit my website http://www.customtrains.org/southern-pacific.html

Bangor and Aroostook Freight Train Poster by Andy Fletcher

I have a new Bangor and Aroostook poster of a Bangor and Aroostook freight train that features my new drawings of a standard BAR 50' box car and a Red, White and Blue 50' Box Car.  

To see my Bangor & Aroostook artwork, visit my website http://www.customtrains.org/bangor---aroostook.html

Rutland Locomotives Poster by Andy Fletcher "The Green Mountain Gateway"

My new Rutland locomotives poster features my new drawing of a second Rutland RS3 and a recent drawing of a Rutland RS1.  Rutland was known as the "Green Mountain Gateway."

See my Rutland artwork at my website http://www.customtrains.org/rutland.html

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Saturday, July 28, 2018

A Canadian National Auto Rack Train Heads From Port of Halifax to Montreal

These Canadian National locomotives lead a train of finished automobiles from the Port of Halifax to Montreal.  Thank you Canadian National and Port Halifax for your great teamwork in fostering global trade.

To see my Canadian National artwork, visit http://www.customtrains.org/canadian-national.html

A Maine Central GP7 Leads a Freight From Portland to Bangor

This Maine Central GP7 leads a freight train from Portland to Bangor.  It carries carloads for interchange with the Bangor and Aroostook.

To see more of my Maine Central artwork, visit my website http://www.customtrains.org/maine-central.html

Friday, July 27, 2018

Rutland Railroad Freight Train Poster by Andy Fletcher

My new Rutland Railroad poster includes my new drawing of Rutland RS1 #400 and the wooden Rutland box car #6081 preserved by the CSX Transportation Historical Society in Strasburg, PA with the "Route of the Whippet" slogan.

To see my Rutland Railroad artwork, visit my website, http://www.customtrains.org/rutland-posters--matted-prints--magnets--etc..html

Thursday, July 26, 2018

A Canadian Pacific Train Carries Canfor Lumber From Vancouver to Toronto

This Canadian Pacific train carries Canfor Corporation lumber from Vancouver to Toronto.  Lumber carried by Canadian Pacific helps build our homes, schools and offices. #WhyWeNeedTrains

To see my Canadian Pacific artwork, visit my website customtrains.org

A Rock Island Train Heads From Kansas City to Chicago

This Rock Island train heads to Kansas City from Chicago.  Rock Island connected the agriculture and industry of the Midwest and the Gulf Coast.

See my Rock Island artwork at my website customtrains.org

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

SPSF Kodachromes Poster and Magnets by Andy Fletcher

Sometimes it takes 25 years to make a poster. I drew Santa Fe SD40-2 #5023 in 1993 and today if drew the SPSF SD45-2 #7219. This poster is for SPSF Kodachrome fans.  Kodachrome SP #2823 GP9 is at the Western Pacific Railroad Museum in , . 

You can see the drawings & poster at: http://www.customtrains.org/spsf-kodacromes.html

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Atlantic Coast Line Freight Train Poster and Magnets by Andy Fletcher

This Atlantic Coast Line freight train heads from Jacksonville to Atlanta.  Its 50' box cars proudly announce that this train carries "Another Cushioned Load" along with the slogan "Thanks For Using Coast Line."

See my Atlantic Coast Line artwork at http://www.customtrains.org/atlantic-coast-line.html

Western Pacific Freight Train Poster and Magnets by Andy Fletcher

Today, I drew a Western Pacific orange and silver 50' feather box car. I now have a Western Pacific freight train poster and a Western Pacific Freight Train set of magnets.  

See my Western Pacific artwork at http://www.customtrains.org/western-pacific.html. 10% of the potential proceeds from my new Western Pacific poster and magnet set benefits Western Pacific Railroad Museum through eBay for Chairty.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Richmond Fredericksburg and Potomac Frieght Train Poster and Magnets by Andy Fletcher

Today I finished drawing a Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac 54' Thrall covered hopper and have a new RF and P freight train poster and magnet set.  

See my RF and P artwork at my website http://www.customtrains.org/richmond--fredricksburg---potomac.html

A Delaware and Hudson Train Heads From Binghamton to Montreal

Delaware and Hudson was known as "The Bridge Line to New England and Canada." This Delaware and Hudson Train heads from Binghamton to Montreal. Delaware and Hudson fought hard throughout the Northeast for its traffic and thus endeared itself to its many fans.  

See my Delaware and Hudson artwork at http://www.customtrains.org/delaware---hudson.html

Friday, July 20, 2018

New York Central Freight Lightning Stripes Poster by Andy Fletcher

I have a new New York Central Freight Lightning Stripes poster that features my new drawings of a New York Central RF-16 Sharknose and GP9.

See my New York Central artwork at my website http://www.customtrains.org/new-york-central.html

A Rio Grande PA1 From the California Zephyr

Rio Grande PA locomotives pulled the original California Zephyr from Salt Lake City to Denver.  The original California Zephyr operated in cooperation between Chicago Burlington & Quincy, Rio Grande and Western Pacific.  Amtrak operates today's California Zephyr between Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area. #WhyWeNeedTrains

To see more of my Rio Grande artwork, visit my website http://www.customtrains.org/rio-grande.html

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Union Pacific 4-8-4 #844 Will Attend Cheyenne Frontier Days 2018

It is exciting to see Union Pacific Railroad 4-8-4 #844 making an appearance this weekend for #Cheyenne Frontier Days. This will be a great event for the City of Cheyenne and for fans of railroading!

To see my Union Pacific artwork, visit my website http://www.customtrains.org/union-pacific.html

A Chessie System Train Heads From Chicago to Cincinnati

This Chessie System train heads from Chicago to Cincinnati. It carries carloads of tools from Chicago, carloads of furniture interchanged from points west from Union Pacific via Chicago and North Western and carloads of toys from Burlington Northern. Chessie System is part of today's CSX.

To see my Chessie System artwork, visit my website customtrains.org

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A Canadian Pacific Train Carries West Fraser Lumber at Edmonton, Alberta

This Canadian Pacific train carries West Fraser lumber from Edmonton to Toronto. Lumber carried by railroads such as Canadian Pacific helps builds our homes, offices and schools. #WhyWeNeedTrains

To see more of my Canadian Pacific Railway artwork, visit my website http://www.customtrains.org/canadian-pacific.html

Santa Fe Locomotives at Barstow, California

These Santa Fe locomotives prepare to move trains at Barstow, California. Barstow was a key classification yard for the Santa Fe and remains so today for BNSF Railway. At Barstow, freight headed to and from Southern California, the Central Valley and points east can be regrouped into trains headed across the railroad system.

See my Santa Fe artwork at http://www.customtrains.org/santa-fe.html

Western Pacific-The Feather River Route

Western Pacific connected Oakland with Salt Lake City via Feather River Canyon & was known as The Feather River Route.  WP operated the original California Zephyr in partnership with Rio Grande and CB&Q. WP is part of today's Union Pacific #WhyWeNeedTrains

To see my Western Pacific artwork, visit my website http://www.customtrains.org/western-pacific.html

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Julio Gallo Talks About Modesto and Empire Traction in "Earnest and Julio Gallo Our Story"

"We closed the deal for the ten acres on a handshake, and Beard had a rail spur line laid directly to the site of our new winery.
It wasn't many years before Beard was proved right. Eventually we needed every bit of that extra 30 acres that Beard kept reserved for us and then some. Today, in fact, the winery takes up 250 acres.
And today, in addition to transporting much of our volume by truck, we ship 10,000 railcars of wine each year out of town on the Modesto and Empire Traction Railroad.
I guess Beard knew a customer with potential when he saw one."
Julio Gallo "Earnest and Julio Our Story" by Earnest and Julio Gallo

To see my artwork of Modesto and Empire Traction, visit my website customtrains.org

A Chesapeake and Ohio Train Heads From Chicago to Cincinnati

This Chesapeake and Ohio train heads from Chicago to Cincinnati.  Its insulated service box car carries produce from the West Coast. Chesapeake and Ohio is part of today's CSX. #WhyWeNeedTrains

To see my Chesapeake & Ohio artwork, visit my website customtrains.org

Monday, July 16, 2018

Why We Need Trains: BNSF Railway

The trains of BNSF Railway carry the freight we need everyday.  BNSF's railroad infrastructure also helps make it possible for Amtrak long distance trains to take us across America. #WhyWeNeedTrains

To see my BNSF Railway artwork, visit my website, customtrains.org

Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Conrail General Merchandise Train

This Conrail freight train carries grain from the Midwest, auto parts for industry and scrap metal to be fashioned into steel. Go Big Blue! #WhyWeNeedTrains 

To see my Conrail artwork, visit my website at http://www.customtrains.org/conrail.html