Sunday, February 10, 2019

Alaska Railroad Provides First Mile/Last Mile Rail Service to Alaska

Alaska Railroad is a member of ASLRRA and provides first mile/last mile rail service in Alaska. Alaska Railroad carloads are shipped at Whittier via Canadian National Aquatrain car float to Prince Rupert Port and Alaska Rail-Maine car float to BNSF and Union Pacific at Port of Seattle.

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Saturday, February 9, 2019

A Cheeseburger at the Texas Tavern Before Riding the Norfolk and Western Powhatan Arrow

A cheeseburger at the Texas Tavern and a quick glance at the Roanoke Times. A moment to a catch up on the day's events at the lunch counter and a refill on the coffee. Now it's off to the Norfolk and Western station for the 12:25 arrival of the Powhatan Arrow.  

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A Canadian Pacific Lumber Train Heads From Calgary to Chicago

This Canadian Pacific train carries West Fraser lumber from Calgary to Chicago.  Lumber carried by Canadian Pacific helps build our homes, offices and schools.  #WhyWeNeedTrains.  

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A Chicago Burlington and Quincy Train Heads From The Twin Cities to Chicago

This Chicago, Burlington and Quincy freight heads from the Twin Cities to Chicago.  Today's train carries many of the usual carloads interchanged from the Great Northern and Northern Pacific.  

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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Canadian National Why We Need Trains

Today I finished drawing one of Canadian National's new ES44ACs with CN's Aboriginal Vision and Strategy logo to complete my Why We Need Canadian National Trains poster. CN efficiently moves the freight we need everyday.  

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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

A Rock Island Train Heads From Kansas City to Denver

This Rock Island train heads west from Kansas City.  Today's train carries carloads from Norfolk and Western for interchange with the Rio Grande at Denver.  

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Locomotives of the Indiana Rail Road

The Indiana Rail Road is a member of ASLRRA and provides first mile/last mile rail service in Indiana and Illinois.  Indiana Rail Road partners with Canadian National to provide intermodal service from Prince Rupert Port and Port Vancouver to Indianapolis.

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Monday, February 4, 2019

A Ferromex Train Carries Hub Group Intermodal

This Ferromex train carries Hub Group intermodal to Ciudad Juarez for interchange with Union Pacific.  Ferromex serves the manufacturing, agriculture and industry of North America to deliver the freight we need everyday.  

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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Boston and Maine Locomotives at Portland, Maine

These Boston and Maine locomotives prepare to lead their trains at Portland, Maine. Boston and Maine connected the people and places, agriculture and industry of New England.  

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The Santa Fe Superfleet

The partnership of Santa Fe Railway and JB Hunt revolutionized intermodal and railroading itself. To celebrate this partnership, Santa Fe's new Superfleet locomotives pulled the trains that made intermodal history. The Superfleet was inspired by the classic locomotives of Santa Fe's passenger era. 

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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Taking the Northern Pacific North Coast Limited to Bozeman

Today we ride the Northern Pacific North Coast Limited to Bozeman, Montana.  At Bozeman, we take a journey to Yellowstone National Park.  The NP and its North Coast Limited played a key role in developing Yellowstone. 

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Friday, February 1, 2019

A Canadian National Train Carries Lumber From Alberta

This Canadian National train carries lumber from Alberta to build our homes, schools and offices.  Railways such as Canadian National move the freight we need everyday.

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Thursday, January 31, 2019

A Big Thank You to Everyone at Metra

Keeping Metra funded is key to Chicago's economy. When extreme weather hits, the great men and women of Metra make sure that commuters have safe and reliable transportation to work. A Big Thank You to everyone at Metra.

TTX Freight Car Artwork by Andy Fletcher

Yesterday I drew a TTX Company Rail Gon gondola to feature in a poster of TTX equipment which also includes 60' and 50' box cars, an intermodal spine car, an intermodal well car and a 60' flat car with tractors.  

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A Frisco Freight Train Heads From Memphis to Tulsa

This Frisco freight train heads from Memphis to Tulsa. It carries carloads for interchange with the Santa Fe. Frisco's slogan was "Ship 'it' on the Frisco."  

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Trailer Train Rail Box 60' Box Car Drawing by Andy Fletcher

Today I drew a TTX Company Rail Box 60' Box Car.  Thank you Mari Dee at TTX for giving me this great TTX calendar to record this year's drawings on.  TTX's fleet of Rail Box cars is utilized by all of North America's railroads, giving great flexibility to the box car fleet.  

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Monday, January 28, 2019

Albany and Eastern GP38AC Drawing by Andy Fletcher

Today I drew Albany and Eastern GP38AC #2001.  Albany and Eastern is a member of ASLRRA and provides first mile/last mile rail service in the state of Oregon.  

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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Maine Central Locomotives at Portland, Maine

These Maine Central locomotives prepare to lead their trains at Portland, Maine.  Maine Central served Northern New England and was known as "The Pine Tree Route."  

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Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Apache Railway C424 #98 Artwork by Andy Fletcher

Today I drew The Apache Railway C424 #98. The Apache Railway is a member of ASLRRA and is an Alco stronghold. Apache Railway provides first mile/last mile rail service in Arizona and connects to BNSF Railway

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Thursday, January 24, 2019

East Penn Railroad GP38-3 GMTX #2801 Drawing by Andy Fletcher

Yesterday I finished drawing an East Penn Railroad GP38-3.  This locomotive is GMTX locomotive #2801 on lease to East Penn RR from GATX.  East Penn Railroad is a member of ASLRRA.  

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Iowa Interstate Rock Island Heritage ES44AC #513

Iowa Interstate ES44AC #513 celebrates Iowa Interstate's heritage with the Rock Island railroad.  Iowa Interstate is a member of ASLRRA and provides first mile/last mile service to Iowa and Illinois.  

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The New York Central 20th Century Limited at La Salle Street Station, Chicago

"All Aboard," calls the conductor as the 20th Century Limited prepares to make its way from La Salle Street Station In Chicago. Its 3:00 PM departure puts it just ahead of the commuter rush on the Rock Island. Highball sounds. It is off to Englewood Union Station, then onto Toledo and ultimately Grand Central Terminal.  

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Western Pacific Locomotives Prepare to Lead Their Trains at Oakland

These Western Pacific locomotives prepare to lead their trains At Oakland. Western Pacific was known as The Feather River Route. 

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A Canadian National Grain Train Heads to Prince Rupert Port

This Canadian National train carries grain to Prince Rupert Port from across the Great Plains.  Canadian National's teamwork with its agricultural customers and with a vast network of ports helps foster trade.  
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Monday, January 21, 2019

A Missouri Pacific Train Heads From Pueblo to St. Louis

This Missouri Pacific train heads to St. Louis with carloads for interchange with the Penn Central.  Today's train has Rio Grande carloads from Pueblo.  

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Sunday, January 20, 2019

A Norfolk Southern Grain Train at Decatur, Illinois

This Norfolk Southern train heads to Archer Daniels Midland at Decatur, IL.  The Wabash originally served the people of Decatur, its agriculture and industry.  Norfolk Southern pays tribute to the Wabash with its SD70ACe Wabash Heritage Locomotive.  

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Florida East Coast Serves The People and Places of Florida

For many years, Florida East Coast has served the people and places of Florida.  Florida East Coast Railway and Grupo Mexico carry on this tradition as they serve Florida's communities and ports with modern GE Transportation ES44C4 locomotives to move today's freight we need.

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Friday, January 18, 2019

The Baltimore and Ohio Capitol Limited at Cumberland, Maryland

The Baltimore and Ohio Capitol Limited prepares to depart Cumberland, Maryland on its way towards Chicago.  The conductor shouts, "All Aboard."  The horn sounds highball, and the train is on its way.  

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Monday, January 14, 2019

A Union Pacific Auto Rack Train at Union Pacific Auto Distribution Center at Kent, Washington

This Union Pacific auto rack train carries finished auto mobiles from the Union Pacific auto distribution center at Kent, Washington.  Union Pacific, the Port of Seattle and Kent, Washington work together to foster trade by transporting the automobiles we need everyday. 
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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Rock Island Locomotives at Des Moines, Iowa

These Rock Island locomotives prepare to lead their trains at Des Moines, Iowa. ASLRRA member regional railroad Iowa Interstate provides first mile/ last mile service in Iowa and Illinois on the former Rock Island. 

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Erie Railroad Locomotives at Chicago

These Erie Railroad locomotives prepare to move their trains at Chicago.  Erie Railroad connected the Midwest, the Great Lakes States and the Northeast.  

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American President Lines 1,000,000th 1987 Container at Port of Seattle

I drew this American President Lines container in 1992 celebrating Port of Seattle's 1,000,000th container for 1987.  A lot of intermodal has been shipped through Port of Seattle since then. Thanks Port of Seattle for all you do to foster trade. 

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Ferromex Moves the Freight That Moves North America at Ciudad Juarez

This Ferromex train moves freight at Ciudad Juarez. Ferromex moves the freight that moves North America.

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Watco Kansas and Oklahoma Train at Hutchinson, Kansas

This Watco Kansas and Oklahoma train moves grain to the BNSF Railway interchange at Hutchinson, Kansas. Today’s train receives a boost from a GATX leased engine. Watco is a member of ASLRRA

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A Union Pacific Hub Group Intermodal Train From Global 3 at Rochelle, Illinois

Union Pacific and Hub Group partner to move the freight we need everyday.  This Union Pacific train moves Hub Group intermodal from Global 3 at Rochelle, Illinois. See my Union Pacific artwork at

A Red River Valley and Western Train Interchanges With BNSF at New Rockford, North Dakota

This Red River Valley and Western train takes grain hoppers for interchange with BNSF Railway at New Rockford, North Dakota.  RRV and W provides first mile/last mile service to customers in ND and MN and is a member of ASLRRA.  

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A New York Central Freight Train Heads From St. Louis to Albany

This New York Central freight train heads to Albany with carloads interchanged from Missouri Pacific and Gulf Mobile and Ohio at St. Louis. 

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Monday, January 7, 2019

A Seaboard Coast Line GP38-2 at Hamlet, North Carolina

This Seaboard Coast Line GP38-2 leads a fast freight at Hamlet, North Carolina.  When in Hamlet, visit the Hamlet Depot and Museums.

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Sunday, January 6, 2019

A Santa Fe PA1 Leads the Texas Chief at Fort Worth

This Santa Fe PA1 will arrive within the hour with the Texas Chief at Fort Worth.  At Fort Worth Union Passenger Station, we stop for a club sandwich and an ice cream soda before the train's arrival.
Across the concourse, a family prepares for its trip to Kansas City.  Our final destination today is Chicago.

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A Gulf Mobile and Ohio RS2 Hauls Wood Chips at Mobile, Alabama

A Gulf, Mobile and Ohio RS2 leads a local freight at Mobile, Alabama.  The train has orders to set several cars of wood chips up ahead at the paper mill.
We give a wave to the conductor as the train passes.  He returns our wave and then looks ahead at the pulpwood cars as he prepares for the days chores.

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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Great Job Everyone at Metra on Milwaukee Road Heritage MP36PH #405

Today I drew Metra Milwaukee Road Heritage MP36PH #405.  Great job everyone at #Metra on this locomotive.  It beautifully honors the Milwaukee Road, all who worked for her and all who rode her rails.  

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A Rio Grande SD40T-2 at Grand Junction, Colorado

We stand along the tracks of the Action Road at Grand Junction, Colorado as a Rio Grande SD40T-2 heads towards Denver with a piggyback train.  Today's train has trailers from the Western Pacific at Salt Lake City bound for the Rock Island.
On this Fall day, the aspen quake and complement the orange and even the road dust on the locomotives and trailers.  As the train passes, we give a wave to the conductor on the caboose.  All is well here on the Rio Grande.

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A Great Northern Freight Train Heads From Duluth to Minneapolis

This Great Northern train heads from Minneapolis to Duluth.  Today's train carries tools for the iron mining industry.
Great Northern played a key role in opening the iron industry and the industries and agriculture throughout Minnesota and the Great Lakes Region.

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Boarding the Wabash Blue Bird at Dearborn Street Station, Chicago

A Wabash E8 prepares to lead the Blue Bird from Chicago's Dearborn Street Station.  We hold a hot cup of coffee and a Chicago Daily News ready for our ride to St. Louis Union Station.
A cloud of vapor shrouds the steam generator on this winter afternoon.  Snow begins to fall, and we anticipate the comfort of the train.

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A Santa Fe SD40-2 Leads a Piggyback Train at Winslow, Arizona

We stand at Winslow, Arizona and witness this Santa Fe SD40-2 as it leads a hot shot piggyback train from Kansas City to Los Angeles.  Santa Fe was known for its direct route from Chicago to the West Coast, which remains a vital asset to today's BNSF Railway.

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A Delaware and Hudson Freight Train at Rouses Point, New York

This Delaware and Hudson freight heads from Rouses Point to Albany.  We give a wave to the engineer as the train passes our vantage.  
Business is good today on the D and H, as today's train has more loads than empties.  The I Love New York box car proudly advertises a tourism campaign that began by the State of New York in 1977.

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A Milwaukee Road SD40-2 at Harlowton, Montana

A Milwaukee Road SD40-2 prepares to add a Little Joe to its freight at Harlowton, Montana.  Today's train prepares to conquest Pipestone Pass on its way to the West Coast on the Pacific Extension.

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Friday, January 4, 2019

A Louisville and Nashville SD40 Leads a Freight Train at Corbin, Kentucky

This Louisville and Nashville SD40 leads a long freight train at Corbin, Kentucky.  Today's train is headed for the Ohio River at Cincinnati.
We give a wave as the locomotives pass, and, after the train passes, we stop for lunch.  Besides being a well known Louisville and Nashville town, Corbin was where Kentucky Fried Chicken started many years ago.

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A Maine Central GP7 Heads South From Bangor

This Maine Central GP7 heads south from Bangor with interchange traffic from Bangor and Aroostook.  Today's train carries carloads of lumber from Maine's pine forests and potatoes from Aroostook County.  At Portland, today's train will be interchanged to the Boston and Maine.

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A New York Central F7 Leads a Fast Freight at Buffalo

This New York Central F7 leads a fast freight at Buffalo, New York.  New York Central was known as the Scenic Water Level Route.  

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