Thursday, September 1, 2016

America Truly Has a Love For Amtrak

America is united by a love of Amtrak.  Whether it is our first train ride, or we have ridden for generations, we all have a deep love for the passenger train.
I myself like to draw trains when I ride Amtrak.  I like to watch the cities, towns and beautiful scenery go by.  I like to stop for caramel corn at Union Station.
I like to visit with those who have ridden the trains all of their life.  Every town has a story of its own.  People disembark.  To visit family and friends.  To head home.
All the same, people board the train.  Their journey just beginning.  It is time to see America.  The conductor asks where they are heading.  He places their ticket marked Denver or Chicago above their seat.  They are now a fellow passenger on this journey.
We are now exploring America together on Amtrak.  We are fellow travelers on this journey.  A journey aboard a train.  It is the train that unites us.  America truly has a deep love for the train.  Amtrak truly is in all of our hearts.